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User Acquisition

We find and bring you the users, early adopters, & customers your business needs.

Content Marketing

We have 750+ writers with a track record in creating incredibly shareable content that will get you noticed.

Social Media Strategy

Defining and meeting the key metrics to grow your social presence, and reaching key influencers.

Companies we've worked with in the last three months
Writers, editors and marketers
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“Awesome to have Magnific here covering social media strategy, as Vincent really knows this space. Hugely valuable to everyone here!”

Jess Williamson, Director, Barclays Accelerator

“Your editorial team is stellar and articles are smart as hell. Even the branded ones.”

Devina Seth, Account Executive, Vice

“Magnific has been diligent and driven. So far the result has been incredible: in a matter of weeks, we've got a community 5x bigger, which gives us lots of love, and most importantly, drives higher traffic to our website.”

Roberta Lucca, Founder, Wonderluk

“The strategies employed by Magnific had an instant impact by growing our social audience impressively quickly and then turning them into users.”

Xan Blacker, Founder, Ticckle

“In the first 30 days of working with them we received nearly 4,000 new Twitter followers, over 15,000 unique visitors and over 500 new artists signing up on our site as a result of their strategies. Would recommend them.Full. Stop.”

Tegan Monique Gaan, Founder, Gigit

“I know Magnific as Vincent, and Vincent, is awesome! When he gets passionate about your project you feel it, and you get even more excited yourself. Working with this rather eccentric, brilliant and fingers-in-every-pie person has been a tremendous experience!”

Emin Can Turan, Founder, Pitchswag